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R-5 Primary School Development

In 2014, the Board of Governors approved the ‘third stream’ strategy for R–5 as a way for the School to better fulfil its mission and in response to continued enrolment demand. The ‘3rd’ class at Reception began in February 2015.

Our Master Plan (2014) which preceded this increase in enrolments, gave us two years to have a new Year 3–5 building ready, for the start of 2017. We were fortunate to have the old PE building (Block 11), which had been underutilised since completion of the Sports Centre, available to accommodate two Year 2 classes during 2015 and 2016.

Some proposed R-5 building designs had been part of the Master Planning process however, design of the new building started in earnest at the beginning of 2015. Two architectural firms Marchese Partners and Walter Brook were involved and they were assisted by FMG Engineering, looking after structural aspects of the building, and Meinhardt, who worked on all aspects of engineering services i.e. Air Conditioning, Lift, Power and Data. 

Design aspects of the building changed significantly early in the year, to the extent where the final approved plans (see below) would not be recognisable against those in last year’s report. The addition of expanded Administration and Additional Learning facilities plus dedicated Art, Music and IT, have made this building (with the exception of the Library) independent of the rest of the school. A feature of the building is the addition of shared common areas, both indoor and outdoor, which are accessible to every classroom, even those of the upper floor.  


Site Plan

Future site plan

Ground Floor

Future ground floor

First Floor

Future first floor

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