KBA Membership Information

Introducing King’s Baptist Association (KBA)

The King’s Board is developing stronger links with the School community by creating the King’s Baptist Association. The Board would like KBA to be a key way of consulting on matters of future direction and growth and to ensure that King’s continues as a Christian School. KBA will be an important part of the Board’s responsibility to its School community.

Why Membership?
Membership of KBA is a way for you to become more involved. Membership will give opportunity for your feedback on important issues as they arise and for the Board to communicate with you. Members will be active in contributing to the future planning of King’s. Membership will give you the opportunity to assist the school at the ‘big picture’ level.

How do you become a KBA member?
The School Constitution gives several criteria for Membership of KBA. It also requires the willingness to uphold the Statement of Faith, (see School website or KBA application form) in a practical manner. You could be eligible and if you are interested please complete an application.
Further details are on the Application Form which is available from the School office or by download from the School website.

What will KBA be involved in?
The Board sets the goals for the School, its policies and future plans. The Board will seek feedback from KBA members about a range of matters that affects these decisions. For example this may include environmental issues, transport and access, fees and affordability. KBA membership will not be an avenue for discussion of your child’s progress or other management issues.  Nonetheless, being a KBA member will be an important and interesting way of supporting the education of your child.

What will members do?
Members of KBA will be asked to communicate with the Board when feedback is required. Members should attend the AGM and any meetings for members called by the Board and vote when required.  Members will not be asked to hold any positions of office or have any legal responsibilities. The Board is planning to interact with members in a variety of ways. Your opinions on relevant issues and prayerful support will be valued by the Board.

What is the next step?
If you are eligible and interested, please ask for an application form or download one from the website. If you have any further questions, please contact the School so that a Board member can contact you. Please remember that being a KBA member costs nothing (other than your interest and support!)

Other relevant information?
You might like to read further information about the following from the School’s website (www.kingsbapstist.sa.edu.au) –


Liz Rankin,
Board Chairman elect

Russell Eley, Principal
June 2013.

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