A Week of Faith @ King's

 Each week there are many opportunities for students and staff to learn and grow together in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Monday, Thursday & Friday Staff devotions
    As a staff, we recognise our need to grow together around God’s Word and through prayer. All staff gather on Monday mornings to begin the week around Scripture and with prayer. Admin and other support staff meet on Thursday mornings for devotions, and teaching staff meet in their 3 school departments on Friday mornings.


  • Weekly Faith Studies
    Each student participates in a weekly Faith Studies lesson, lead by their Pastoral Care/ Home Group teacher.




  • Weekly Chapels
    Each student also participates each week in a Chapel service. Chapels are planned to enable students to reflect on and respond to the themes and issues explored in their class during the week.
    • Tuesday Pastoral: Year 12 Chapel
    • Wednesday Pastoral: Years10,11 Chapel
    • Thursday Pastoral: Years8,9 Chapel
    • Friday 8.45 – 9.30: Junior Primary Chapel
    • Friday 9.15 – 10.00: Primary Chapel
    • Friday Pastoral: GodStuff (Years6,7) Chapel


  • Lunchtime Groups
    Over the last few years, student initiated and led lunchtime groups have developed in the Middle School. These are wonderful examples of older girls mentoring younger girls, and helping them to explore what it means to be a follower of Jesus. While they meet individually each week for their devotion and prayer time, they have also met together for a Mother & Daughter Night, as well as an end of year Christmas Party.
    In 2011, these groups are: Year 10 ‘InnerSoul’, Year 9 ‘CLICK:inspired’, Year 8 ‘LIGHT’, Year 7 ‘3’ and Year 6 ‘HALO’.
    A number of Senior School students meet in the Chaplains’ Den for prayer and encouragement in their Faith journey. It’s wonderful to see this group of young people gather together and support each other and the school this way.




  • P& F Prayer
    Every Friday morning, a group of parents gather in the Chaplains’ Den, to pray for the school.

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